Thursday, 8 September 2016

Baby, shows and calendars

I haven't posted much recently but I think I have a good excuse; we've just welcomed to the world our baby son Sebastian, born on the 28th of August. So I'm temporarily swapping paint brushes for milk and paints for nappies until I get back behind the easel in a few months' time - or maybe before? My husband found it funny that only a couple of hours before I gave birth, I was still sorting out a painting delivery between the contractions! Artist and mother go together! :-)

I just wanted to keep you updated on a few things here. First, for those in Belgium, I wanted to let you know that my exhibition "The Battle of Waterloo in paintings" held at the Waterloo Tourist Office has been extended until the end of September. So you still have a few weeks to view it. See my original post for more details here: info about the show

Talking about shows, it seems I will be exhibiting some of my work next year 4 March - 29 April 2017 at the Galleries Shop and Café venue in Freshford, Bath. I'll give more details soon.

And another good news to coincide with the new arrival: my new calendars 2017 have arrived! If you want to spend 2017 with my latest favourite selection of paintings, then you can order yours now on my website here:

As usual, there is a wall and desk calendar option and they can be shipped worldwide.
See below to have a preview of the selection of paintings.

Wall calendar cover

January - Note the original painting is available for sale here.




May - Note the original painting is available for sale here





October - Note the original painting is available for sale here

November - Note the original painting is available for sale here

December - Note the original painting is available for sale here

The same selection of paintings is displayed in the desk format:

For more info, go to my website:

Sunday, 3 July 2016

Clouds, sheep and boats

Here are a couple of paintings done in plein air in the countryside between Trowbridge and Bradford on Avon a few weeks ago. These outings have become rather rare lately because it is getting harder to carry my painting kit at the same time as my ever growing baby belly, not to mention the risk of breaking my chair! I would love to say I'm being inspired by this pregnancy and doing some interesting studio self portraits, but the truth is I'm spending my evenings instead watching the sound of music and eating chocolate... Still, the optimistic person I am just thought it was the perfect time to buy a new easel so I will do my best to use it before the new arrival end of next month...

For the first painting below, I wanted to use big bold strokes and keep things very simple, using the minimum amount of marks possible. I had fun painting the clouds and suggesting the sheep with a few brushstrokes.

Clouds and sheep, near Bradford on Avon  10"x12"  oil on board 

The painting towards the end

A few close up details below:



Below is my second painting of the day, done just a few minutes drive from the first painting location. What caught my eyes was the variety of greens and the light piercing through the trees and hitting the roofs of the boats.

Narrow boats near Bradford on Avon   10"x8"  oil on  board

As you can see below I like to live life dangerously as I was painting pretty close to the edge. Anybody that didn't like my painting could have sent me in the water with one push!

The painting towards the end



Saturday, 4 June 2016

During a walk in Bath...

Here is a painting I did in the studio a few weeks ago but forgot to post it. It is the view from the path I often use to go to the local shops. I was with my daughter when I saw this beautiful light so I couldn't stop to paint but I took a picture and rushed home to produce this painting in the studio.

Bath from the Linear Park  10"x8"  oil on board

This painting is for sale on my website here:

Detail 1

Detail 2

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Friday, 20 May 2016

Show now on in Belgium: The Battle of Waterloo in paintings

After 10 years of showing my work in UK since moving in England, I'm finally doing a show in my homeland, Belgium. For those who follow my blog, you might remember my series of paintings done last year around the Battle of Waterloo and surrounding countryside at the occasion of the 200th anniversary event. Well I'm glad to say those paintings are now on display in the Tourist Office of Waterloo and the show is on until the end of August.

The tourist office is situated in Waterloo centre, Chaussée de Bruxelles 218, 1410 Waterloo. Click here be directed to their website. They have put large banners on the facade so you can't miss it! This is me posing proudly in front of it! 

This is a small exhibition but it includes a variety of things such a paintings, sketches, artist material and original antique objects from the battle:

And this is me during the opening reception that took place a few weeks ago. In case you are thinking I have eaten a bit too much belgian chocolate, you are partially right, but I probably should mention that this growing belly is also the sign of my next big creation that we will be welcoming at the end of the summer :-)

Here is below a sample of the artwork on show. Most paintings on display are for sale and can be purchased on the day at the venue. For those who can't make it to the show, it is possible to purchase the available paintings directly from my website. They will then be reserved for you during the show and shipped at the end of the exhibition. Click here to go to my website.

And to finish, some pictures of the re-enactment that took place last year: