Monday, 14 July 2014

More allotments paintings and last days of my Summer Sale

Apologies to anybody who has seen enough of my allotments paintings, because I'm not finished yet! I just can't help it, I think I have an allotment painting addiction. There are worse things in life I suppose. 

Here are below two new paintings done in the evening. It is the loveliest, quietest place at that time (and the perfect way to take a deep breath after a busy day taking care of an energetic eight months old who has just discovered that pinching and scratching my face is her new favourite thing!)

Monksdale road allotments - summer evening  - 8"x12" oil on board

My set up towards the end


And here is below the second painting, done a few days later. While I was finishing this one, a lady who owns an plot came to me and commissioned me to paint her allotment. So I'm pleased to say I'll be back!

Sunset - Monksdale road allotments  - 7"x10"  oil on board


While we are on the allotment topic, let me share the link to a lovely website about gardening and brewing, who recently interviewed me about my love for allotment paintings. Here it is:

To finish, just a quick note to say that my Summer Sale will finish in two weeks' time. So contact me before the 31st of July if you want to enjoy 15% off all my painting prices shown on

Here is how it works:

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  • All paintings are priced as unframed. A frame can be added at extra cost.
  • Payments accepted: cheque, Paypal, Bank transfer or cash on collection.

Thursday, 26 June 2014

Sydney Gardens

Before talking about my latest painting expedition, I just wanted to thank everybody for the interest and support for my current Painting summer sale. My Facebook page followers number has doubled overnight so welcome everybody who joined. (Click here to follow me on Facebook)

My summer sale is still on until the end of July. It is simply 15% off all prices shown on Send me an email at to purchase a painting. (More details here). The two paintings below are joining the sale too...

Here is a painting done at my favourite place in Bath, Sydney Gardens. I love it there. I could almost set up a tent there and paint for a whole year and still be inspired! It was a beautiful sunny day and plenty of friendly people passing by.  

Sydney Gardens bridge - lunchtime in the summer  16"x9" oil on board

My set up towards the end



I actually painted at the exact same spot 2 years ago. See the painting here.

Afterwards, I went looking for an other spot to paint and got inspired by the view towards Larkhall with the railway bridge in the foreground. It was quite overcast by that time which made all the greens turn into lovely shades of greyish-blues. 

Picnic for two at Sydney Gardens  12"x10" oil on board

Below is my initial sketch which is as much drawing as I would ever do for a painting as I'm always eager to get my paints out.

My painting towards the end

I added this couple having a picnic on the grass, but decided to change the T-shirt from red to blue as it was standing out too much. I also moved them further as otherwise they would have been out of the canvas. Meanwhile they were happily eating, blissfully unaware!


Monday, 16 June 2014

Launch of my Studio Summer Sale!

I'm very pleased to announce the start of my Studio Summer Sale with 15% discount on all my paintings! 

My work will be going to various shows later in the year so this online sale is the chance to purchase them before they get sent away.   

Bath, Cornwall, Devon, Venice, Belgium, Paris, ... it's all there!
Go to to view all the paintings.

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Here is how it works:
  • Simply visit to view all my paintings.
  • 15% off all prices shown. 
  • Offer ends 31st of July.
  • Paintings can be sent worldwide (Postage & Packaging costs charged to the buyer) or collected at my studio in Bath (UK).
  • To purchase a painting simply email me at or contact me on (+44)7913474535.
  • All paintings are priced as unframed. A frame can be added at extra cost.
  • Payments accepted: cheque, Paypal, Bank transfer or cash on collection.

Here is a sample of some of the paintings available on

Monksdale road allotments in the afternoon  16"x9"  -  £395 now £336

St Michael's Mount from Marazion beach, Penzance  7"x10"   £210 now £179 

Porthleven harbour in the afternoon   16"x9"  -  £395 now £336

Sydney Gardens bridge in March  10"x14" oil on board -  £375 now £319

Sun between the clouds, Queen Square, Bath   10"x12" £355 now £302

Plancenoit from the fields  16"x9" -  £395 now £336

Réserve Welgevonden game - Waterberg, South Africa (1)  8"x8" £150 now £128 

Claude Vale, Bath, in the snow, morning   10"x8" £260 now £221

First snow, late afternoon at the park on the top of Ivy Avenue   9"x16"  -  £395 now £336

Durdle Door, Lulworth Cove, Dorset - 12"x10"  £355 now £302

Pregnant Life Model and blue cushion  12"x16"   £280 now £238 

Piazzetta in the morning 2  7”x10”    £210 now £179 

Salute Maria della Salute from the Accademia bridge in the fog     16"x9"  -  £395 now £336

Karnaprayag, Pindar River, India  12"x10" £355 now £302

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Back to the allotments in Bath

Here are a couple more paintings from the allotments near my house in Bath. I made the most of the long sunny days and went there in the evening (when I was off baby duty!). I enjoyed very much the beautiful views and the calm of the allotments, with only a handful of people working on their plot, probably as they returned from work. Funnily enough, several people asked me if I was planning to get a plot myself, thinking I was doing a sketch of where I would plant my carrots and tomatoes!  

Last light - Monksdale road allotments  7"x10"  oil on board


My painting near the end of the session

I returned a few days later on a cloudy day and painted this scene below. The rain paid us a visit half way through the painting and I ended up holding an umbrella to save my master piece. Hats off to the lady in the painting who worked relentlessly on her plot and didn't seem bothered by the rain at all. I kept thinking to myself "if she's still here, then I'm not leaving either!"

The rain is coming - Monksdale road allotments  10"x12" oil on board

As you can see on the picture below, I put my easel on the little walking path separating two rows of plots. As I was painting this, I got gently told off by a plot owner for standing there as I learned this path wasn't public property (only the large path is public property). I felt like a small embarrassed schoolgirl being sermonised by her teacher... Still, he let me stay there and actually came back chatting to me many times as he admittedly felt remorseful!   

My painting towards the end


I will soon launch a special online summer sale event with all my available paintings so watch this space. More details to follow...

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Karnaprayag, Pindar River, India

My mum never ceases to surprise me. Some mums like knitting or doing crosswords. Well, my mum just came back from a motorbike trip in India. That's right. On a motorbike. On the rocky slopes of the Himalaya. I asked her what was the hardest part of this crazy adventure (was it the bad state of the roads? the cold and heat? the fatigue?). She replied "being stuck in the coach for the transfer"! She is the best!

She came back with wonderful photographs (she is a journalist and was doing a coverage of the trip). I fell in love with one the views over the valley and decided to take it to the studio to give it a try. Here is the result: 

Karnaprayag, Pindar River, India  12"x10" oil on board

This painting was actually painted on an old plein air painting I wasn't happy with. You can see below my setting at the beginning with the old painting. I applied a thin grey layer to try to make the old colours disappear a bit. Then I drew the main lines of the drawing on the top of it. It is a bit confusing at the start but quickly the new work is taking over.

Below you can see the new painting building up. I ended up keeping three areas of the original painting which were conveniently placed: a bit of the sky, the sand, and the signature!

Details of the final result:



Saturday, 24 May 2014

Painting in the fields of Waterloo

Here is a quick study done during my recent trip to Belgium. It was painted near my parents' house, in the fields where the battle of Waterloo happened. This is the view towards the next village called Plancenoit. I liked the swirly path in the fields and the hazy view in the distance, and thought it was telling a story.

Plancenoit from the fields  16"x9" oil on board


This is the only painting I managed to do during my stay because this trip was all about family and the house was full of kids and babies! I actually took my niece with me to paint this view and she did a lovely little painting by my side. 

my set up on the day 

Friday, 16 May 2014

Widcombe Footbridge - Plein air & studio versions

A few weeks ago I went on my bike in Bath looking for a spot to paint when this footbridge caught my eye. It links the Widcombe bank (left) to the train station (on the right). I loved the variety of greens and the reflections on the water. I set up in the glorious morning sunshine and gave it a go. Here is the result:

Widcombe Footbridge in the morning  12"x10" oil on board


Below is a glimpse of my painting 3/4 way through. You can see I decided not to paint yellow barriers... 

At this stage a woman came to me and asked if she could have a look. When she saw the painting she said "Oh dear, you still have a long way to go haven't you?" I thought of explaining that actually my style is rather loose and impressionistic and it is meant to look like this, but she was gone already!

Back at home I was actually quite pleased with the result. And since I have the opportunity to paint in the studio during my daughter's naps - and not so much opportunity to paint outside - I decided to try a large studio version of the painting. See below the process:

My original plein air painting is on the table on the right, which I used as reference. After applying a neutral wash on a large canvas, I reproduced the main lines of the drawing:

I then started blocking out the colours with large brushes:

I then added more details and richness to the greens:

Here is the final result:

Widcombe Footbridge in the morning (studio version)  50cmx60cm  oil on linen canvas

Since the main reference for me was the original painting (I didn't take decent photographs or done proper sketching on the spot), the painting ended up being a scaled up version of the small one, with no more details. I must admit that I do like that idea because I wanted to keep the same freshness and bold brushstrokes, as if the large painting had been painted in plein air.